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  1. Plural of kala


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Kalat, Kelat, Qalat, Qelat, Kalāt, Kelāt, Qalāt or Qelāt (Persian: قلات), one meaning of which is fortified place, may refer to a number of cities or locations throughout southern Asia (see below). The word may also refer to the type of compound typically used by families as homes in these areas (see Qalat (fortress)).


  • Zabul Province
    • Qalat (Zabul), the capital of the Zabul province in Afghanistan, also known as Kalat-i Ghilzai
  • Badakhshan Province, there are four towns named Qalat
    • Qalat , also known as Qalati
    • Qalat
    • Qalat
    • Qalat
  • Baghlan Province
    • Qalat
  • Bamian Province
  • Farah Province
    • Kalat-i-Nazar Khan , also known as Kalateh-ye Nazar Khan
  • Ghazni Province, there are two adjacent towns named Qalat, on the southern outskirts of Ghazni city
    • Qalat , also known as Qalati
    • Qalat , also known as Qalati
  • Herat Province
    • Qalat , also known as Qaryeh-ye Kalat
    • Qalat-e Begum , also known as Kalāt-i-Begūm
    • Qalat-i-Arbab A`zam , also known as Qalat-e Arbad A`zam
    • Qalat-i-Ghazi , also known as Qalat-e Qazi
    • Qalat-i-Qadzi


  • Kalat (Khorasan), a town in Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran also known as Kalat-I-Nadiri and Klat
  • Kalat County, a county in Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran
  • Kelat (Bushehr), a village in Bushehr Province, Iran, also known as Kelāt, Kalak, Kalāt, Qalat, Kalāk, and Kalat
  • Qelat (Fārs), a village in Fārs Province, Iran, also known as Qalāt,Qelāt,Qalat
  • Qalat (East Azarbaijan), a village near Marand in East Azarbaijan Province, Iran
  • Kalat-e Pa'in, a village in Hormozgān Province, Iran, also known as Qallat-e Pāʼīn, Qalāt-e Pāʼīn and Kalāt-e Pāʼīn



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